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Challenge to the Next

Sakurajyuji Group marks the 14th anniversary in 2019. For the past 14 years, we could have expanded our businesses, especially the healthcare and the nursing care business, with the support of many people and by answering the needs of the times.

Happy Spiral is the phrase that we prefer to use at all times. The phrase expresses that consumers, communities, and we create a virtuous circle by complementing each other, then all grows and expands in a spiral way.

Our society, however, is currently facing fi scal constraints, constraints attributed to decline in the labor force population, shrinking markets and local communities, and would be apt to head for downward spiral. Since I do not know the times when everything was continuously growing, I am able to accept the current social conditions as “that’s the way it is”, yet on the other hand, realize that the majority of Japanese people feel a sense of stagnation by hearing from elders and betters and visiting foreign countries.

We would like to provide even better services to patients and consumers. We would like the living standard in the community to be even higher. We would like to paint a prosperous future although I imagine contract equilibrium from the current social environment. We consider that the provision of enriched services and the formation of the prosperous community could be materialized if we are able to be innovative and implement innovation in the right way.

I employ the slogan “Challenge to the Next” this year as I would like to strive to paint a prosperous future. For the next future, we will turn over a new leaf and do our best. We will appreciate your further help and encouragement from now on.

Tomoki Nishikawa CEO, Sakurajyuji Group



私は常々、Happy Spiralという言葉を好んで使いますが、これは、お客さま、地域社会、そして我々がよい循環を作り出して、そこに関わるものすべてが螺旋状に上昇拡大していく様を表現しています。



私は、そういうものにチャレンジしていきたいと、"Challenge to the Next"というスローガンを今年掲げました。思い描いている未来の実現へ向けて、心機一転頑張ってまいりますので、これからもご支援ご指導をいただければ幸いです。

桜十字グループ代表 西川 朋希